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Oil Eradicator Bilge Pad


Item Number: 2410

Use the Edson Oil Eradicator™ Bilge Pad wherever an unwanted oily sheen appears on the surface of water. The Oil Eradicator Bilge Pad is a water resistant foam that attracts and absorbs petroleum based liquids. Inserted into the foam are six Bio-Fresh™ Tablets. These tablets dissolve when they come in contact with liquid, releasing petroleum eating ARCHAEA microbes. These microbes convert the petroleum pollutants into water soluble fatty acids. The Oil Eradicator Bilge Pad, through this process of bioremediation, eliminates the small levels of petroleum pollutants that accumulate on the surface of boat bilge water and any other water surfaces within a marinas. Bioremediation is the natural and environmentally sound way to eliminate pollutants found on water surfaces in bilges, marinas, lakes and rivers. This process is very effective in eliminating the petroleum sheen and the odor associated with bilge water.

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  • Item Number: 2410

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